I make jewelry because I love it. I make jewelry because I love working with my hands. I make jewelry because I love metal and gems.

Through my love of all these things, I add another love – seeing people wear their sentimental heirloom treasures in a modern design. Jewelry is a reminder of special occasions and special people. Guiding a client from their unique vision of a piece of jewelry to its presentation should be a journey and a story worth telling over and over.

Together we can create a treasure - may it be transforming an heirloom piece of jewelry or a vision you have for a new piece of jewelry.

Here’s a little about me…

My love of jewelry began at a very young age. My grandparents traveled the world and often brought me pieces of jewelry and sometimes even rough gemstones as gifts from their travel. After taking metalsmithing classes in college, I realized I loved creating with metal and gemstones. Throughout my career as a jewelry designer, I realized another love – restyling heirloom treasures, taking your treasures and stories of loved ones and making them into something special you can wear in your life today. I believe jewelry connects important life moments to a person’s everyday life. I am passionate about experience, therefore I will teach and guide you through a beautiful journey in creating a special piece of jewelry.

As I continue to be blessed with customers that want “a little something for themselves or someone else” I also create the Atmospheric Collection – a collection of simple, everyday fun jewelry in sterling silver, 14K gold and gemstone jewelry. This collection is mostly limited edition because I buy small lots of gemstones to keep it fresh and unique.

Do you have a vision of something you would like to create or an heirloom you would like to restyle? Please go to the Custom Design page and answer a few questions about what you would like to create. Also, see the Atmospheric collection for limited edition and one-of-a-kind already made jewelry.