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Custom Design

custom contemporary wedding ring engagemnet redesign

Julie Sims Designs is known for restyling/repurposing heirloom jewelry. Not all heirloom jewelry is fine jewelry. Sometimes sentimentality plays a bigger part than the actual monetary value of the inherited or vintage piece. Please don’t think any project is too small. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us in making it into something to cherish and honor a loved one or an occasion.

Getting started with Custom Process
First, we will meet to determine the project we are creating together. You have as much say in your design as you like. That’s what makes Julie Sims Designs unique. You will get to design your piece the way you want it. It will be a custom piece that no one else has. At this time we will also establish a budget and decide what metals will be used. If restyling an older piece with stones, we will decide what stones are usable. Through years of wear, stones may become chipped and sometimes aren’t strong enough to take the process of setting into a new piece.
Once we have determined the project, we will work together to redesign your heirloom jewelry or create a new piece either using your stones and metal. We will create visual images for you to see - either in the form of CAD or hand sketch. After you review these designs, you may make changes as needed. Rarely do we stop at the first design. So don’t feel bad...we will change the design until it is absolutely perfect for you. We want you to be 100% comfortable and confident when you say yes to the final design.  

After you have chosen the final design and placed a deposit on your piece, the next stages of model making will begin. Not all designs will be created in wax for casting. Some may be hand-fabricated. The design will dictate the method of production. Once started in this step it will take about 5-8 weeks, depending on design and season. 

It’s finished!
You have been eagerly awaiting this step…JSD will call you in order to plan a meeting time for the reveal of your unique custom piece of jewelry. Your piece will go home in a beautiful package to present to the one receiving the special gift.
Hope you will enjoy the process. It’s rare that you get to be a part of the design from start to finish. A beautiful piece of jewelry should have a story as beautiful as the piece itself, one that you want to share over and over again. 
Are you excited? Well…let’s get started!

Please fill out the Custom Inquiry form here or call us at 303-887-1904 to schedule a design meeting.