From mother's wedding set to elegant pendant

From mother's wedding set to elegant pendant

This transformation started with a wedding set from Heather’s mother. A beautiful combination of diamonds and emeralds in a warm yellow gold. We started with multiple designs and directions and Heather chose her favorite - which was also mine - love when that happens!


The Before

Design sketches

Our next step was to have the design created in CAD (computer aided design) so we could see exactly what the final piece would look like with Heather’s stones. CAD programs provide a realistic representation of the final design making it easier to get a feel for what the piece of jewelry will look like when it’s completed. 

There was an extra emerald that didn't fit with the necklace design so we created a special treasure for Heather’s daughter to remember her grandmother. 

A beautiful and sentimental way to repurpose these heirloom pieces! 

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